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AEC Awards

Joan McCord Award

The Joan McCord Award recognizes distinguished experimental contributions to criminology and criminal justice. Award recipients must have conducted significant experimental research that is in the tradition of Joan McCord and has important implications for policy and practice.  The award can be given to a specific randomized controlled trial or a group of experiments leading to significant policy outcomes.

Past recipients of the Joan McCord Award:

Outstanding Young Experimental Criminologist Award

The Annual Young Experimental Scholar Award recognizes exceptional early career scholarship.

Past recipients of the Award:

DEC Awards

Jerry Lee Lifetime Achievement Award

This award recognizes lifetime achievement in the field of experimental criminology. The recipient must be a leader in the advancement of experimental methodology, experimental research, or the use of experimental methods in the advancement of evidence-based policy. The award is not given for any single research project or study, but for a body of research developed over a career of interest in this area. An important component of this award is recognition of advancement of experimental science through the mentoring of other experimental scholars.

Past recipients of the Award:

Award for Outstanding Experimental Field Trial

This award recognizes a single research project or program that contributes significantly to criminological research and experimental science. To be eligible a study must have been conducted within the last five years. Additionally, all experiments published in the Journal of Experimental Criminology for the last two years will be considered for this award.

Past recipients of the Award:

Student Paper Award

This award is given for an outstanding paper involving experimental field trials, or theoretical or policy questions in the area of experimental criminology. The paper must be submitted for review while a student is enrolled in a recognized PhD program in criminology or criminal justice, or a related field. The paper can be “under review” or it can be a manuscript published up to one year prior to the year of the award. Students may submit co-authored papers, although the student must be the first author.  The student paper award also includes a $500 cash award.

Past recipients of the Award:

DEC and AEC Past Awards: Text
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