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How can you join?

Thank you for your interest in the Division of Experimental Criminology (DEC) at the American Society of Criminology (ASC). We appreciate your support and participation in advancing experimental research and evidence-based practices in our field. We invite you and your organization to join the DEC through the American Society of Criminology. DEC membership fees and contributions support our many activities throughout the year, including workshops, awards, and ASC activities. 

The DEC accepts both INDIVIDUAL and ORGANIZATIONAL memberships, with yearly dues as follows (we acknowledge Gold, Silver, and Bronze in printed materials).

Individual memberships provide a yearly electronic subscription to the Journal of Experimental Criminology and the DEC newsletters. Individual memberships for the DEC are on the same form as used for ASC membership (note: You must be an ASC member to apply to DEC). The online membership form can be found at

NEW: AFFILIATE Members*    FREE! For 2020-2022  

(*Affiliate Members are those who are not members of ASC and do not hold voting rights like Individual Members in DEC. Affiliate Members still get access to our growing network, the latest articles in experimental criminology and much more!)

Organizational memberships provide centers, departments, institutes, nonprofits, universities, and other entities with one yearly subscription to the Journal of Experimental Criminology. Additionally, organizational logos will be displayed on newsletters and websites. To apply for organizational membership, please contact the DEC Chair, Barak Ariel, directly at info An invoice for the membership dues will be generated specifically to your organization for the level of sponsorship indicated.

Thank you so much for your interest in promoting experiments!

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