International Criminology, the newly established peer-reviewed journal of the ASC Division of International Criminology, invites submissions of individual papers or proposals for thematic issues and symposia. The journal's mission to publish innovative and thought-provoking theoretical, conceptual, empirical and methodological contributions that will enhance and develop the field of international, transnational, comparative and global criminology and criminal justice is evident in Volume 1, Issue 1 (March 2021) “International Criminology. If Not Now, When?” The journal is interdisciplinary and geographically diverse in terms of subject matter and contributors and welcomes work on a broad array of topics, using rigorous quantitative, qualitative and mixed methods research. The journal publishes four issues annually and welcomes scientific articles, policy debates and commentaries, and book reviews.

Contact Editor-in-Chief Ineke Haen Marshall with any specific questions. For general information, including the composition of the international editorial board and submission guidelines, please go to