Dear Members of the Division of Experimental Criminology,

Our Board Members have reached a decision not to hold our Annual Meeting Reception in Chicago 2021.

The travel restrictions due to COVID-19 dramatically limit our ability to hold a sensible event. Nearly all of the Board Members, including the Chair, the President of the AEC, as well as many of our colleagues who are division members, are unable to attend ASC this year, including most award winners.

We did not reach this decision lightly. We are aware that many members will be disappointed. However, there are no alternative options but to defer to next year.

Please join us at our next Annual Meeting Reception and Awards Ceremony in Atlanta 2022!

Barak Ariel,


Division of Experimental Criminology

American Society of Criminology


2020 Virtual UK Society of Evidence Based Policing conference with AEC Fellow, Jerry Ratcliffe

Professor Jerry Ratcliffe talks about strategies for evidence-based policing. In this interview, Jerry talks about how policing can make up for its shortfall in existing evidence, his strategies for how police forces should tackle crime and who makes for better participants in a trial - shiny new officers or the experienced ones, amongst other things. Watch his talk now or listen to it as a podcast on: #coding #kids